Horizontal Boring

Horizontal Boring Services

Boring Without Disturbance
To Existing Surfaces

No trenching or concrete cutting required

Horizontal Boring Done Right!

By using Horizontal Boring methods, we can construct underground infrastructure without disturbing the upper most levels of the soil.

This method is suitable to being utilised when traditional trenching and excavation is not practical or where disturbance of the surface is to be minimised. This means we avoid disturbing your driveways, footpaths and garden landscapes wherever possible, saving you time and money.

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast &
Surrounding Areas

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Horizontal Grundomat services are most commonly used to install underground conduit under :

Driveways • Footpaths • Staircases • Garden Beds • Landscaping • Rock Walls • Roads • Trees 

The maximum pipe size available is up to 100mm conduit for services.

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Residential Horizontal Boring
Residential Horizontal Boring
Industrial Horizontal Boring
Industrial Horizontal Boring
Commercial Horizontal Boring
Commercial Horizontal Boring

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Grundomat horizontal boring tool is a piercing tool driven by compressed air providing horizontal boring under hard surfaces. 

Grundomat services are most commonly used to install underground conduit under Driveways, Footpaths, Staircases,  Garden Beds, Landscaping,  Rock Walls, Roads and Trees 

Bore shot can be completed under 4 hours, depends on the grounds hardness and the depth of the bore.  

The maximum pipe size available is up to 100mm conduit for services.

Gas pipe, Water pipe, Storm-Water pipe, Electrical pipe, Telecommunication pipe, Irrigation pipe & any other pipe up 100mm in diameter.

The depth of the bore varies to suit. It can be deep up to 1.5 meter. 

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